In Detail

The TEGEWA technical groups, working groups and experience exchange circles in detail

Steering Group Surfactants

  • Working Group Surface Active Agents
  • Working Group Non Integrated EO-Converter

Steering Group Cosmetic Raw Materials and Pharmaceutical Auxiliaries

  • Working Group Regulatory Affairs and Product Safety (RAPS)

Steering Group Dyes and Organic Pigments for Textile, Leather, Paper

Steering Group Textile Auxiliaries

  • Working Group Textile Pre-treatment
  • Working Group Dyeing Auxiliaries
  • Working Group Finishing
  • Working Group Coating Agents for Textile Surfaces
  • Working Group Spin Finish Lubricants
  • Working Group Flame Retardants
  • Working Group Fluorinated Polymers
  • Working Group Emission Factors

European Pulp and Paper Chemicals Group (EPCG)

  • Working Group Paper Auxiliaries

Steering Group Leather Auxiliaries

  • Working Group Leather Auxiliaries

Steering Group Antimicrobial Agents

Polyelectrolyte Producers Group

Steering Group Metal Working Additives

Steering Group Product Safety
Experience Exchange Group "REACH & Reality“
Committee of Medium-Sized Companies
Experience Exchange Group Business Administration
Hazardous Agents Working Group