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In 2014, the TEGEWA Association and the section of the German chemical industry that it represents published the completely revised edition of the brochure “The busy compounds” (“Die fleißigen Verbindungen”). This new edition, which is now also available in English, will not only include the history of the origin of surfactants, their fields of application and comprehensive information about surfactant chemistry, but also current findings and new developments. A few aspects of the chemistry of surfactants will also be touched upon, but in such a way that they can also be understood and appreciated by readers who are not “at home” with chemistry. Having reached the end, the new staff member in the surfactants business division, the editor planning to write a background report on surfactants or the chemistry teacher who would like to introduce her pupils to an interesting class of substances with a high application potential will have a foundation of basic knowledge of the busy compounds that can later easily be used for further study.

This version was not printed but is available as pdf download.