Guidance and "Scaling-Tool" for Tanners
Uses of spin finishes in the fibre processing industry
Uses of auxiliaries/colourants in leather industry
Uses of auxiliaries/colourants in textile industry
The REACH Regulation stipulates that - after the end of the registration period - downstream users may use substances subject to registration only if these substances are registered by the manufacturer/importer. Moreover, substances must be "permitted" for specific uses of downstream users by mentioning these uses in the safety data sheet. For substances in volumes of 10 tonnes or more per year, the registrant previously needs to perform a chemical safety assessment. Pursuant to Article 37 of the REACH Regulation, downstream users have the right to make a use known to their supplier, in order to make this an “identified use”. The registrant carries out a chemical safety assessment and reviews the safety of the use, provided that the downstream user makes his request at least 12 months before the deadline in question - i.e. by 30 November 2009 for substances subject to registration by 30 November 2010. TEGEWA member companies have identified and compiled typical uses of the fibre processing industry. Delegates from Centexbel, CIRFS, Essenscia, FEDERCHIMICA/AISPEC, TEGEWA and the respective textile associations in Belgium and Italy as well as the German Industrievereinigung Chemiefaser e. V. (IVC) have been involved in the discussions.

For this purpose, the so-called DUCC Template was used (DUCC = Down­stream Users of Chemicals Coordination Group). This template lists descriptors as well as some major exposure-relevant parameters. The DUCC Format wants to provide a first overview of relevant uses in industry. A subdivision was made between "standard uses" (6 in number) and so‑called "uses to be communicated separately". It is recommended to communicate the latter together with the respective products. You will find the compilation of standard uses as well as some background information below.

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