Business Areas of TEGEWA Members:
Textile Auxiliaries and Colourants
Paper Auxiliaries and Colourants
Leather and Fur Auxiliaries and Colourants
Complexing Agents
Polymeric Flocculants
Antimicrobial Agents
Cosmetic Ingredients/Pharmaceutical Excipients
Metal Working Additives
Principal Topics:
Certification Systems
There are many products that are sensitive to the contamination of bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms, and these antimicrobial agents are indispensable to technology.

Examples include paints and plasters for the construction industry and cooling lubricants and multi-purpose oils for mechanical and automotive engineering.

The quality of antimicrobial agents is determined by their effectiveness and their safety for health and the environment. These demands are ensured not only through legal requirements such as the Biocidal Products Directive, but also by the responsibility of the manufacturers.