Business Areas of TEGEWA Members:
Textile Auxiliaries and Colourants
Paper Auxiliaries and Colourants
Leather and Fur Auxiliaries and Colourants
Complexing Agents
Polymeric Flocculants
Antimicrobial Agents
Cosmetic Ingredients/Pharmaceutical Excipients
Metal Working Additives
Principal Topics:
Certification Systems
The range of the raw materials and auxiliaries required for the manufacture of cosmetics and medicines is extremely extensive, from ‘explosive materials’, that allow tablets to dissolve quickly in water - or the stomach - up to titanium dioxide used as a shield against UV radiation in sun protection products.

Examples of major products are emulsifiers, pearlescent agents, preservatives, dyes, botanical extracts, and thickeners.

The promotion of cosmetic ingredients in Europe is organised in the federation EFfCI (European Federation for Cosmetic Ingredients) and supervised by the TEGEWA management. 

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