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Status report on "Nanotechnology in textiles”

At the end of 2006 the Federal Government created what was known as the ‘NanoKommission’ where, in what was termed the ‘central, national body for dialogue’, representatives of environment and consumer organisations, trade unions, science, economy and government (ministries, federal agencies) exchanged views on topics in the field of nanotechnology.

TEGEWA, in response to a request from the ‘body for dialogue', submitted a status report on the topic 'nanotechnology in textiles’. This report returns to the areas of application: ‘self-cleaning effects for textiles’, ‘UV protection’, ‘anti bacterial equipment’ and ‘nanofibres’, and hightlights the health issues that require consideration during production and the use of nano products in textiles. Also addressed are regulatory frameworks and the topics ‘Standardisation’ and ‘Labelling – individual quality labels and test seals’.

(The document is in German language)