Business Areas of TEGEWA Members:
Textile Auxiliaries and Colourants
Paper Auxiliaries and Colourants
Leather and Fur Auxiliaries and Colourants
Complexing Agents
Polymeric Flocculants
Antimicrobial Agents
Cosmetic Ingredients/Pharmaceutical Excipients
Metal Working Additives
Principal Topics:
Certification Systems
Paper remains one of the most important bases of communication with, in addition, a variety of other uses – as a packaging material, an industrial product or as a starting point for works of art.

Specialised chemical agents are available for a wide range of paper products to aid both production and the quality of the final product.

A special challenge is the dynamic development in mechanical engineering for the manufacture of paper. With faster production line speeds, 120 km/h or more, being possible, paper additives and agents must function more reliably, quickly and precisely.

Whether handmade paper (Bütten), newsprint, filtering mediums or bank notes - the manufacturers of paper auxiliaries have an appropriate improving product for every purpose.