Business Areas of TEGEWA Members:
Textile Auxiliaries and Colourants
Paper Auxiliaries and Colourants
Leather and Fur Auxiliaries and Colourants
Complexing Agents
Polymeric Flocculants
Antimicrobial Agents
Cosmetic Ingredients/Pharmaceutical Excipients
Metal Working Additives
Principal Topics:
Certification Systems
Polymeric flocculants make a crucial contribution to the performance of sewage and water plants, thereby adding significantly to the quality of life and environmental protection.

The principle of flocculation is based on the ability to convert the solid particles that are suspended in water as separable and removable compounds.

While conventional flocculants such as calcium hydroxide, iron and aluminium salts can themselves present a problem of disposal, polymeric flocculants are less damaging to the environment. Polymeric flocculants, such as those based on polyacrylamides with their long-chain and threadlike molecules, capture dirt particles by utilising differential electrical charge and are then separated by filtration processes.

Polymeric flocculants offer significant advantages for subsequent disposal either by incineration or landfill, which is the reason they represent the first choice in their field today.

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