Business Areas of TEGEWA Members:
Textile Auxiliaries and Colourants
Paper Auxiliaries and Colourants
Leather and Fur Auxiliaries and Colourants
Complexing Agents
Polymeric Flocculants
Antimicrobial Agents
Cosmetic Ingredients/Pharmaceutical Excipients
Metal Working Additives
Principal Topics:
Certification Systems

REACH is now a reality: It is now time to implement the new European chemicals legislation.

REACH, the new European chemicals legislation, came into effect on 1 June 2007. TEGEWA’s member companies are affected in many ways: As manufacturers, importers and downstream users of substances, polymers and mixtures, they must fulfil a large range of new duties in order to meet the requirements of REACH. This will involve huge personnel and financial costs – requiring a great show of strength by all TEGEWA members, especially the many small and medium sized enterprises. There is also the risk that certain specialty chemicals - for example, for textile finishing – will become unavailable, because under REACH they can no longer be manufactured and marketed at competitive prices in the European Union.

By the end of 2004 many of the medium sized members of TEGEWA had joined the Alliance of small and medium sized enterprises ‘OBJECT!ON’, as did eventually SMEs throughout the entire EU. The common objective was to draw attention to the heavy burden imposed by REACH, especially on smaller and medium-sized enterprises and contribute to a fairer and more practical chemicals legislation. To this end the several hundred members of the alliance kept on fighting right up to the passing of the regulation in late 2006.

Even if in the end a “compromise" has been reached, REACH nevertheless involves considerable extra work and expense for TEGEWA member companies.

And so our Association supports member companies in both knowledge transfer and information exchange, not only after the regulation takes effect but also during its development. It also instigates Association-specific projects for REACH implementation. In addition, as an association, we involve ourselves in numerous projects of other associations and initiators, the main focus of activities being on issues that cover both general applicability and branch specific implementation issues e. g. for textile, paper or leather auxiliaries.