TEGEWA method for determining cyclic siloxane levels in textile auxiliaries

In recent years, the cyclic silicones D4 (Octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane) and D5 (Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane) started to gain attention by national as well as European authorities. Some regulatory activity has been carried out, inter alia a restriction procedure for D4 and D5 in certain cosmetic uses (shampoos, conditioners) on EU level and the inclusion on the EU Candidate List for of substances that may require further regulatory measures under the European chemicals Legislation REACH.

Against this background, TEGEWA member companies report of increasing requests for measures of D4 and further cyclosiloxanes in silicone products being used in textile finishing industry.  Until recently, there had been no universally valid analysis specification available, with the result that different methods with differing results had been applied.

This is why the TEGEWA Working Group “Finishing” developed  a uniform, universally applicable and validated measuring method : the „TEGEWA method for determining cyclic siloxane levels in textile auxiliaries”.

This method is available (in German and Englisch) via the TEGEWA Management in Frankfurt. Please contact us under tegewa@vci.de or schnapper@vci.de.