Fluorochemistry – TEGEWA participates at Cross-Sectoral Information Session

Various European regulatory activities with regard to fluorochemistry – either implemented or still in development – show far-reaching consequences for the whole textile supply chain. That’s the reason for the contribution of TEGEWA to the comprehensive, web-based conference on July 23rd about „the Cascade of REACH Restrictions in Fluorochemistry“. The information session had been a joint project of the associations VTB (Verband der Bayerischen Textil- und Bekleidungsindustrie), Südwesttextil, textil + mode, VCI Bayern and TEGEWA and addressed a large-scale target audience at European level. Along with representatives of textile chemistry companies, from politics and authorities, especially representatives of customer’s industry joint the session in order to inform themselves about the current developments with regard to REACH legislation on fluorochemistry. This is, among others,

  • The restriction process on undecafluorohexanoic acid (PFHxA) and fluorinated polymers that are used in textile industry (public consultation ends September 25th)
  • As well as the „Call for Evidence“ regarding an intended restriction of the whole fluorochemistry (PFAS) in the EU (public consultation ended July 20th).

The audience had been invited to make submissions to the public consultation on the restriction of PFHxA. Further information regarding the information session as well as the presented slides can be downloaded e.g. from the website of the VCI Bayern.

Moving towards Europe: TEGEWA and Italian chemicals association Federchimica are founding European association of manufacturers of textile and leather chemicals (EUCTL, European Chemistry for Textiles and Leather)

In order to accompany European and international issues even more efficiently, TEGEWA and Federchimica founded the association „European Chemistry for Textiles and Leather“ (EUCTL) on June 8th, 2020. The statutes which had been signed by the authorised representatives of both founding members will now have to be confirmed by the Belgian bodies.

This will take approximately three months – during this time, all necessary organisational preparations will be started to establish the new association as an active European body in Brussels in autumn 2020. TEGEWA and Federchimica hope to achieve better – and earlier – involvement by EUCTL in European legislation processes and to be able to actively accompany those in future.

Even if the two founding members are representing the major part of textile and leather chemical industry in the European Union, further organisations of additional EU countries are welcomed to join EUCTL. Strategical partnerships with additional, European or global acting organisations are imaginable as well.

Master’s Course “Sustainable Textiles” at Hof University

The TEGEWA Steering Group Textile Auxiliaries has established an endowment professorship for the master’s course „Sustainable Textiles“ at the Hof University/Abt. Muenchberg which started in summer term 2020 on April 20th (later than originally planned because of the current pandemic situation).

This English-taught, postgradual master’s Course is a dual one, meaning: In parallel with the course of study, a traineeship at a company (textile chemicals manufacturer) is obligatory.

The master’s course “Sustainable Textiles” is combining textile chemistry and sustainability in the textile supply chain in a unique way. By linking theory and practical applications the students are receiving the best possible preparation for a future career in this exciting and innovative professional field. To find more information just visit the university’s website! 

Azo Dyes pursuant to TRGS 614Classification of those azo dyes that can cleave to carcinogenic amines being concerned by the use ban of TRGS 614. PDF (latest version of march 2001) opposite.

Azo dyes according to RGS 614   pdf

REACH: TEGEWA Use DescriptorsBasis for calculation of environmental releases in customer's industries

Fibre Descriptors - Background   pdf
Descriptors - Fibres
Leather Auxiliaries - Background   pdf
Descriptors - Leather Auxiliaries
Textile Auxiliaries - Background   pdf
Descriptors - Textile Auxiliaries


The brochure about the „Busy Compounds“ (the title wants to illustrate surfactants’ behavior) is easily comprehensible and suitable both for applicants in industry and pupils in senior grades. The „Foam Guidance“ is offering comprehensive information on foam, collated and worked up by experts of TEGEWA member companies for interested users in industry.

Surfactants Brochure   pdf
Foam Guideline   pdf

Product Safety & Occupational Safety

Not one but two initiatives TEGEWA is supporting in order to enable workers in tanneries worldwide to work safely: with a Safety Poster in different languages and the Sustainability Online Tool/ Checklist „Tannery of the Future“. The TEGEWA Steering Group „Leather Auxiliaries“ has initiated and financially supported both projects.

Safety Poster

The Safety Poster „Safety Guidelines for a safe use of chemicals” for workers in tanneries in Asia and South America is available in English, Mandarin, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil and Spanish. It is hung up in production facilities of the customers and is meant to improve safe use of chemicals in those tanneries where occupational safety and environmental protection are of minor priority so far.

Poster Safety Chinese English   pdf

Tannery of the future

The Sustainability Online Tool/ Checklist Tannery of the Futurehas been developed to help tanneries build a future-proof and socially responsible industry. It is an opportunity to classify oneself in view of ethical business behaviour, occupational and environmental protection and conservation of resources. Tannery of the future is made up of a questionnaire on topics such as traceability in supply chain, energy consumption in production, health and safety of employees or emergency plans in the tanneries. By means of questions on self estimation one can visualize the actual state in one’s company and draft possible improvement plans. Additionally, the questionnaire contains references to conceivable improvements and support.

ILM e-newsletter 09/2016   pdf
Chemiereport 2018 03 Tanneryofthefuture   pdf

Opinions / Position PapersBelow you will find background information and papers with regard to issues of current interest for our member companies. Currently, there is especially information with regard to cyclical siloxanes available.