Moving towards Europe: TEGEWA and Italian chemicals association Federchimica are founding European association of manufacturers of textile and leather chemicals (EUCTL, European Chemistry for Textiles and Leather)

In order to accompany European and international issues even more efficiently, TEGEWA and Federchimica founded the association „European Chemistry for Textiles and Leather“ (EUCTL) on June 8th, 2020. The statutes which had been signed by the authorised representatives of both founding members will now have to be confirmed by the Belgian bodies.

This will take approximately three months – during this time, all necessary organisational preparations will be started to establish the new association as an active European body in Brussels in autumn 2020. TEGEWA and Federchimica hope to achieve better – and earlier – involvement by EUCTL in European legislation processes and to be able to actively accompany those in future.

Even if the two founding members are representing the major part of textile and leather chemical industry in the European Union, further organisations of additional EU countries are welcomed to join EUCTL. Strategical partnerships with additional, European or global acting organisations are imaginable as well.

Master’s Course “Sustainable Textiles” at Hof University

The TEGEWA Steering Group Textile Auxiliaries has established an endowment professorship for the master’s course „Sustainable Textiles“ at the Hof University/Abt. Muenchberg which was intended to be started in summer term 2020 (March 15th) but had to be postponed until April 20th because of the current situation with the Corona virus.

This English-taught, postgradual master’s Course is a dual one, meaning: In parallel with the course of study, a traineeship at a company (textile chemicals manufacturer) is obligatory.

The master’s course “Sustainable Textiles” is combining textile chemistry and sustainability in the textile supply chain in a unique way. By linking theory and practical applications the students are receiving the best possible preparation for a future career in this exciting and innovative professional field. To find more information just visit the university’s website! 

IULTCS Congress June 25th – 28th 2019 in Dresden

IULTCS Congress June 25th – 28th 2019 in Dresden

The congress of the International Union of Leather Technologists and Chemists Societies (IULTCS) took place from 25th to 28th June 2019 in Dresden. The association TEGEWA and its member companies within the steering group Leather Auxiliaries participated substiantally regarding sponsoring – and were amongst the first ones to declare their support of the congress. All major players of the leather supply chain have been involved at the congress – besides chemistry we are talking about the hide market, the tannery mechanical engineering, the tanneries and manufacturers, producing seat covers for cars, shoes, coats, jackets or high-quality upholstery leather.

Here some special TEGEWA moments:

Auszeichnung für TEGEWA Fachgruppe Lederhilfsmittel
Award for TEGEWA Steering Group Leather Auxiliaries

VGCT Award for Dr. Volker Schröder:

At the Freiberger Ledertage, being conducted in the course of the IULTCS congress, Dr. Volker Schröder, Verband TEGEWA e. V., received the Annual Award of VGCT for his long-time Achievements for leather Industry. The laudation was held by Dr. Heinrich Francke, Zschimmer & Schwarz, who handed over the Award together with Beate Haaser, Südleder and 2. chairwoman of VGCT. (s. picture below).


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