Dual Course of Study

The TEGEWA Steering Group Textile Auxiliaries has established an endowment professorship for the master’s course „Sustainable Textiles“ at the Hof University/Abt. Muenchberg which will has been started in summer term 2020.

The degree programme is a postgradual, dual master’s course, meaning: In parallel with the course of study, a traineeship at a company (textile chemicals manufacturer) has to be done. By doing so, theoretical knowledge as well as comprehensive practical know-how can be achieved.

The master’s course “Sustainable Textiles” is combining textile chemistry and sustainability in the textile supply chain in a unique way. By linking theory and practical applications the students are receiving the best possible preparation for a future career in this exciting and innovative professional field. To find more information – or subscribe online to the study course – just visit the university’s website!

Are you interested in receiving more information?

If so, please contact the  TEGEWA Management or our member companies!


The companies within the TEGEWA Steering Group Textile Auxiliaries are basically willing to provide traineeships and topics for master papers and to host and support students at their companies (provided, of course, free capacities).

Further information will be provided in due time.