TEGEWA for open-mindedness and tolerance

The association TEGEWA operates with member companies in Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, among other countries. It maintains close and friendly connections with associations, institutions, and colleagues across Europe and even globally. The association is an industry organization that doesn’t just preach tolerance and openness but has been living these values for decades. Our committee members have roots in Europe, Africa, America, or the Asian continent. What matters is their expertise, the excellent personal exchange, collegial interaction, and mutual trust.

Despite valid criticism of individual European (chemical) legislation and legislative processes, we appreciate the European Union and the removal of trade barriers, free trade, and the security that common EU legislation provides. We recognize the challenges that the United Kingdom faces after Brexit and consider a “Dexit” not only as an alternative but also as the greatest imaginable harm to Germany.

And despite (economic and political) criticism of current German legislation, we are grateful for the democratic system in which we live. We appreciate living in a country whose government, out of necessity, seeks solutions to migration issues while being aware that we urgently need foreign skilled workers to address demographic and industrial challenges today and tomorrow. Large parts of the industrial sectors we represent are significantly affected by the shortage of skilled workers.

The association aligns with the statements of numerous business associations that view a Europe- and foreigner-hostile party as destructive. Both economically and socially, we reject such “alternatives” for Germany – even though we consider ourselves independent and impartial, a stance we’ve maintained since our founding in 1951. 

We would like to point out in this context the tenth European election, which will take place on June 9, 2024, and whose results will also have an impact on our country: every vote for democracy, human rights, and the rule of law counts!

Change in TEGEWA Management

Frankfurt, July 2023

The TEGEWA office in Frankfurt is headed by Mr Ralf Kattanek by 1 July 2023.

Dr Alex Föller, who has been General Secretary since 2001, is thus handing over to an industry expert who – once active in the Association as a representative of a member company himself – is very familiar with both the Association’s workflows and the needs and necessities of companies in the chemical industry.

When Dr Föller took over the management of the association in 2001, it coincided with the publication of the White Paper “Strategy for a Future Chemicals Policy” – the birth of today’s European chemicals legislation REACH.

Advocating for science-based and viable legislation thus became one of the main tasks of the new TEGEWA Managing Director.

In a way, handing over to his successor at a time when the current REACH text is being revised closes the circle:

Ralf Kattanek looks back on many years of experience in the textile industry. He started his career in fine chemicals and then in the textile dye division of BASF AG. When this division was sold, he joined DyStar to lead the textile business in the EMEA region. Mr Kattanek gained international experience as Managing Director for DyStar in Turkey and for CHT in Switzerland. Most recently, he served as CSO (Chief Sustainability Officer) for the CHT Group, having spent many years building and leading the global textile chemicals business.

For many years, Mr Kattanek supported TEGEWA’s activities both in the Working Group Textile Auxiliaries and Dyes and on the TEGEWA Board of Directors and played a key significant role in their further development. As a result, he got to know the processes and the team very well.

“I am looking forward to the new task, which offers great challenges with, among other things, the further development of the Strategy, internationalisation and the implementation of the European Union’s Green Deal. I can rely on a very experienced team with a high level of expertise. Furthermore, I am very pleased that Dr Alex Föller will continue to support the association for a while yet with his many years of know-how, e.g., on technical issues in the field of surfactants.”

TEGEWA association is a trade association of the German chemical industry. It represents the interests of currently 104 member companies that produce chemicals for industrial use. These include, for example, products for the manufacture of paper, textiles or leather goods, but also raw materials for the cosmetics and detergent industry.

CESIO Lifetime Award for Dr Föller

CESIO Lifetime Award for Dr Föller

At the closing ceremony of the 12th CESIO World Surfactant Congress in Rome, Dr. Föller, who has been instrumental in shaping the content and organisation of the CESIO Congress for many years, was presented with the CESIO Lifetime Award.

In his laudatory speech, CESIO President Tony Gough (Innospec) highlighted Dr Föller’s extensive knowledge of surfactants from a technical, commercial and regulatory perspective.

On the CESIO Executive Committee, he represented TEGEWA’s interests as a national association. The list of CESIO congresses in which he participated in the organising and programme committees is impressive: Florence 2000, Berlin 2004, Paris 2008, Vienna 2011, Barcelona 2013, Istanbul 2015, Munich 2019. This year’s congress in Rome was the second one he shaped as chair of the programme committee – and also the last one he actively contributed to.

The Lifetime Award was the big final of 23 years of CESIO Congress.

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