Fluorochemistry – TEGEWA participates at Cross-Sectoral Information Session

Various European regulatory activities with regard to fluorochemistry – either implemented or still in development – show far-reaching consequences for the whole textile supply chain. That’s the reason for the contribution of TEGEWA to the comprehensive, web-based conference on July 23rd about „the Cascade of REACH Restrictions in Fluorochemistry“. The information session had been a joint project of the associations VTB (Verband der Bayerischen Textil- und Bekleidungsindustrie), Südwesttextil, textil + mode, VCI Bayern and TEGEWA and addressed a large-scale target audience at European level. Along with representatives of textile chemistry companies, from politics and authorities, especially representatives of customer’s industry joint the session in order to inform themselves about the current developments with regard to REACH legislation on fluorochemistry. This is, among others,

  • The restriction process on undecafluorohexanoic acid (PFHxA) and fluorinated polymers that are used in textile industry (public consultation ends September 25th)
  • As well as the „Call for Evidence“ regarding an intended restriction of the whole fluorochemistry (PFAS) in the EU (public consultation ended July 20th).

The audience had been invited to make submissions to the public consultation on the restriction of PFHxA. Further information regarding the information session as well as the presented slides can be downloaded e.g. from the website of the VCI Bayern.