Association work today and in future

TEGEWA sees its role in building a network of companies developing and offering inter-branch contributions for economy and society. In this regard, it is not so much about mere sharing our opinions and positions with third parties – such as authorities, politics, customers, media, environmental and consumer organizations and wide public – in the traditional understanding of lobbying. Instead, we see an intermediary function of the association in focus, communicating the expectations of the above-mentioned stakeholders towards our industry to our members – with the aim of developing joint inter-branch answers or solutions and to introduce them in the public discussion.

We are aware that facts may be interpreted differently and that opinions as well as truths are versatile. That is why we see us as a partner in social dialogue, having a certain understanding of specific issues – which may not be shared necessarily by all groups in society. Which applies, of course, to the opposite case as well.

This is exactly the point where we want to start with our interest intermediation, though. We want to create, maintain and further develop confidence in our contributions. In doing so, we need to be honest and acknowledge if our industry has once explored paths which proved not to be sustainable. We understand this as a long-term task being of strategic meaning for the future development of our association’s work.